Rep Donkey Version 2.0

RepDonkey Launches Version 2.0

Today, RepDonkey launched version 2.0 of its independent rep firm sales agency tool. Designed by a manufacturers’ rep firm, for rep firms, RepDonkey 2.0 is a simple sales-centric overlay that sits on top of an existing CRM – eliminating the need to manually enter data into clunky, time-wasting CRM software.

“As a lifelong salesperson I’ve always hated entering data into a CRM,” explains CEO and founder of RepDonkey, John Hood. “It’s a time-sucking, overcomplicated inconvenience, but the data is essential to the success of our business. The sole mission of RepDonkey is to collect data from outside sales execs with the least number of keystrokes and clicks possible. The sales team loves it. And with increased user adoption, we get better data. It not only takes the hassle out of entering data, making for a truer, more accurate pipeline – it enables us to get way more from our data. And the sales team loves it.” 
Easily create a customer engagement with details including customer information, date of engagement, location, days to close and the probability of that close. Add products from multiple lines with allocated quantities, discounts, programs, and totals. Save, preview, and send the quote as an email and/or PDF.
The simple and intuitive user interface eases navigation increases organizational adoptability and accelerates profitability. Whether you’re using a desktop, tablet or phone, professional-looking quotes can easily and quickly be created and sent in minutes.
Real-Time Analytics
Customers, manufacturers, and sales management can access up-to-the-minute stats and analytics, providing real-time accountability and transparency.
Simple Quote Generation
Generate, save, and send amazing-looking quotes in as few as three clicks – on any device.
Pipeline Management
From simple quotes to historical and future pipeline, opportunity and sales order reports, RepDonkey will generate dashboards and export them as PDF of CSV files.
Personalized Customer Interaction
RepDonkey drives traffic to your website by enabling customers to view quotes, pricing data and access invoicing and order processing information.